Rising Grace Chapter Four, part 1

Chapter Four:

Protect the Crossroads!

The carriages linger outside of the family house. They are packed with the most necessary items of our family. The family heirlooms and treasures all hurriedly placed in the back of the first carriage. Mrs. Minamoto and Taka have been hushed in first by the servants and then Mama and Kin Riv. The second carriage fills with our house servants and Lim. The very last carriage has yet to arrive for Grangran and me. Mama calls from out of the window, “Mother-in-law, you and Hana could take the place of the servants and come right away with us!”

“Bah! The servants are young and important to this family. I am just an old person, who would get in the way during these times,” She pauses to think, “Not to mention, Kin Riv and our honorable friends are much more important than the safety of the eldest daughter.”

“Mother-in-law!? Hana should not be here. The hours are getting late and the flares are getting closer! We must all leave now!”

“Now, now,” Grangran waves her hand, “Hana and I must ensure the household closed down and locked. The next carriage is only a few minutes away. Take the servants, the children, and guests so you may be off.”

Mrs. Minamoto leans out the window, “If you are worried about our future arrangements with the girl, I can get off.  She should be protected.”

“Go on now! Both of you!” Grangran commands, “I am the elder here.  I have given my reasons. Now I expect you to follow.”

“Be careful you two,” Mama resigns herself to the stubbornness of my grandmother. I give an understanding look of reassurance to my mother. It has always been weird about how Grangran thinks. Mama sits herself back in the carriage. She calls for the servant to lead on with the path. The servant cracks the whip and the carriage roll away slowly from the sight. As the carriages leave our home, I swear I can hear Mrs. Minamoto questioning the logic of Grangran’s choice.


Woman with Frying Pan

Part VII

“You’re still here…” I replied stupidly.

“Is that a question or a statement? I cannot tell.” Samantha sighed. 

You know the greatest fear of a writer should be the fear of never being able to write again. I will tell you that should be it. Without being able to craft words into art, what good would be a writer? Yet my greatest fear was something unknowable for all these year. It was the sense of sanity slipping into enchantments and fairy tales. It could be the unspeakable fear of what comes in this form of this little girl.

There were no words as I gathered up my things. I paid no mind to the images, the dog, or the weird girl.  I just went on with my day. Cool as a cucumber. I was ready to leave the apartment. I simply picked up my instant oatmeal from the counter with my tea. I cleaned my dishes and I put on my shoes. All in a matter of minutes. It seemed that sheer denial made all the icky and oddness fade out. For before me was my studio apartment unharmed and untouched. (Minus new company and images, which refused to leave.)

I got the last my things and I walked to the bus stop. The girl and the dog followed.

Silently I rode the 10 to my doctor’s appointment. They sat behind me.

 I stood in line to check in. They stood beside me.

I got called into the office. They entered too.

I stopped on the bench in the office. They stared at me.

At last the doctor entered. I sat running in my mind of excuses of ideas. I could reason my way out of the situation. It may have been a very mild breakdown. I need a holiday. I need to see someone who is not the old biddy. The doctor checked the clipboard and grazes over to the side. He nodded himself and paused, “Tiff since when did you travel with a kid and a dog?”


Howl no more for

Fury filled the mind and the rage spread about.

It consumed and ate all being.

The lands rot.

All life is not.

Forsaken and betrayed.

The words do not trails out by tongue

But by the blood droplets on the ground.


Behold murder and slayer of innocent on the floor.

Where shall now the hatred file to?

What shall the angels say onto them when they arrive?

Why has it all resolved to this moment?

The weeping steams of crimson will give no rest to those who witness.

The victims have no words.

For death was their gift.


I was not a yielder of weapons.

I swear I was just a humble soul.

I hurt no one.

I only…

I only …

I only defended my home.

Follow the trails blood and you will find the tale.

A daughter slayed in the garden,

A wife in the doorway,

A son with rod in hand by the study,

The strange knight in the barn,

Arrows rained upon the farm door,

A fire raging on in the house.

I am only a familiar cat

Who punished the wicked.

“I write because I read… I read because I write.” Michelle K. Pickett (via greatauthorquotes)

Hear me now out here and there in the world,

I am the murmur calling your name in the dead of night.

“Listen, my friend,” I say onto you

 “I am the voice of the unspoken history.

Be unafraid and come follow me.

Answer my summoning and I will grant you glee!”

I am the voice amongst the mist and the deadly snow.

I am the voice of your struggle and your hope.

I am the voice always calling you.

I am the voice, I will remain.

I am the voice in the spring  steadfastly sing of the flower

The leaves dance  with my melody in the air

Never will I sleep in the frost of winter

I grow stronger in the springtime.

I am the voice of the past which always remains

I am the voice of the future is promised

Bring me your wounds, and my peace will heal them

I am the voice in the mist and the deadly snow.

I am the voice fighting against the anger and sorrow.

I am the voice always calling you.

I am the voice.


Unfinished Fable


Once upon a time, very long ago there lived a quiet herbalist who lived on the edge of the forest. Her tiny house was well hidden away from the eyes of the outside of the world. Her name was Yume. She was not the most beautiful woman nor was she the wittiest. She was simply Yume. She did her work of collecting herbs without troubling a soul. She had no visitors of her own. But every Friday a boy from the mountains would come and receive the herbs for the villagers. Yume did not mind the plain state of her life.

Yet one day a stranger came across the herbalist’s house.  He knocked loudly at Yume’s house door. The herbalist having just started her lunch answered the door slowly. Yume said to the stranger, “Good afternoon. How can I help you?”


Act Five

Scene One.

(Open to the shore of Okakopa. The time is now around sunrise. The sound of the waves coming into the shore can be heard faintly. Many trees and topical plants surround the current area of sandy bleach. The treasure chest sits to the left of the stage halfway covered by a sheet.  ROGER sits on the shore with his head down between his knees, as he breathes slowly. His hand covering the wound, as he picks up his head and with gloomy eyes holds up the key from around his neck. ROGER sighs heavily and drops his head again from pure grief.

Enter MUMBLES with some cloth in hand. MUMBLES flops down beside ROGER slowly. MUMBLES tugs ROGER’S arm and points to the wound with concern. ROGER picks up his head and looks at MUMBLES.) 

Roger. Oh, the wound …

(MUMBLES hands over the cloth to ROGER. Then MUMBLES stare out at the sky with a peaceful manner. Meanwhile ROGER stares at the wound and holds the cloth against it.)

Roger. It is good we escaped the ship safely with that, (Points to the treasure.), by using a rowboat, I guess …But what now? I mean I want to know what do we do now …How did it come to this?

(Shifts his eyes to Mumbles.) Everything was going so well. I was a son of a samurai with a plain job. I was just to go to the theater with Miss Misa and that was it. But then I meet you and her … Since then, I have on a journey of great misfortune and pain, because when a situation looked like it was fine, it would turn bad. Then if the situation was bad, it would just turn out worst! I try to do something good and it turns around and becomes a wicked action. But it wasn’t just me, oh no! It was everyone I meet you, James, and R-Rebecca.  Why me? Why you? Why anyone? What did we do so horrible wrong? Did we upset the world so badly somehow? Did I?  For everything that we tried to do, that I tried; the pay back is deep unhappiness now grows inside and eats the soul. Now, I am even wondering if blowing up the ship was the right thing to do?

(Hangs his head).  Was it the fact I failed to do all of my duties to the crew, to the ship, and to Rebecca?  So this is all our doing or did we fall prey to fortune? The evil that came to us, even if things were going well … I just want to know why.

Mumbles         (With great effort to speak.)

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

Surely, some revelation is at hand;

Surely, the Second Coming is at hand.

The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out

When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi

Troubles my sight: somewhere in the sands of the desert

A shape with a lion body and the head of a man,

A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,

Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it

Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.

The darkness drops again; but now I know

That twenty centuries of stony sleep

Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

That be Th’ Second by W.B. Yeats. (Slowly.) Th’ world be too extraordinary and be not meant to be understood by any one man, savvy.

Roger. (Stares in shock at Mumbles.) Since when did you talk-

(A rusting sound comes from the plants behind ROGER and MUMBLES.ROGER and MUMBLES turns quickly towards the sound. ENTER REBECCA wet and alive with a weak smile.

Both ROGER and MUMBLES jump in disbelief at the sight of REBECCA.)

Roger. Can it really be you, Rebecca?

Rebecca.          Of course it is I! Who else do you think?

Roger. (Happily as he hugs Rebecca.) I am so glad!

Rebecca           (Surprised.) Hey, hey, hey! Stop it! By the heavens man stop! I cannot breathe!

(ROGER quickly releases REBECCA, who starts laughing. MUMBLES smiles at REBECCA and solutes her as he stands aside with a relaxed smirk. REBECCA waves cheerfully back to MUMBLES.)

Roger  (Bows to Rebecca.) I am sorry, Captain. I-

Rebecca.          (Annoyed.)  I get it, Roger. Now please just don’t hug me again. I do really like to breathe.

Roger.             Rebecca, I just cannot believe you survived!

Rebecca.          (Angry.) Really? I can save myself; after all I am a strong woman. How else do you think I managed to escape the bonds in the last second, while I was underwater?  (Point to herself with a forced smile.) Yup, I was able to do itall thanks to a knife I hid in my boot. As I swam up from the water, some dim wits blow up my ship, so I had to swim to the shore. Sadly, I lost my gun … Once on the beach I heard voices coming from the brush nearby. Thus I found Mumbles and you. Now could you, Roger, tell me what happened on my ship?

Roger  (Nervously.)  The ship …

Rebecca.          Never mind that now, you can tell me later. (Concerned.)  How is the wound, Roger? (To Mumbles.) Avast, me harty, how be ye?

Roger. The wound is doing-

 (MUMBLES looks at REBECCA and ROGER in a panic. MUMBLES dashes towards ROGER and REBECCA, as the sound of a gunshot rings out from the plants. MUMBLES falls to the ground by ROGER’S and REBECCA’S feet while running. His hand on his heart.

REBECCA and ROGER stare in stock at MUMBLES sudden death. ENTER DAVIDY with a pistol in his hand and sword in the other. DAVIDY now has cuts on his body and his clothes are torn. DAVIDY’S face is burning with madness, as he starts to laugh. His walks with a limp to REBECCA and ROGER slowly.  DAVIDY holds up his pistol towards REBECCA and stops at MUMBLES body. DAVIDY kicks the body with his foot.

ROGER and REBECCA walk back from DAVIDY.)

 Davidy.          Don’t ye scurvy dogs move or speak!

(ROGER and REBECCA stop moving back. REBECCA with signs of fear in her face.)

Davidy.           I be sorry I did not get t’ kill ye, Rebecca, as I had planned. But killin’ th’ dog here ain’t bad either. (Kicks Mumbles’s body.) Nor was it too bad that Cap’n James, th’ fool, was killed in th’ explosion on th’ ship. That bin a happy event, as it save me from trouble and with th’ luck of th’ devil I escaped it. (Aims his gun at Rebecca.) Now then, little sea bird, be ready to met death. For I only have the right t’ reclaim th’ treasure alone!

(A sound of a stick cracking causes DAVIDY to spins towards it. DAVIDY drops the gun with his mouth open. His eyes with horror as he points toward the plants.)

Davidy.           Be I mad!? I-it b-b-be his ghost! It be James!

 (ROGER rushes REBECCA behind him with one hand. REBECCA stumbles back and goes into a state of stock. Then ROGER shoves away from REBECA. DAVIDY becomes unbalanced and falls backwards to the plants.

Meanwhile ENTER JAMES, cut up and with tattered clothes, running at DAVIDY with his sword pointed at DAVIDY.DAVIDY fall backwards onto JAMES’S sword. JAMES steps back pulling his sword back. DAIVDY stumbles forward and dies. JAMES stands firm with his eyes in disbelief at the sight of REBECCA.

REBECCA gets over her shock from the events. She holds her hand over her mouth in silent terror. REBECCA then falls to her knees and reaches out to touch MUMBLES body with one hand, but quickly draws it back.  Her eyes then staring wide at JAMES as she stands up again and points and JAMES.

ROGER steps back beside REBECCA and watches her. ROGER’S face now full of worry.)

            James   (Cheerfully.) Rebecca, my lovely flower! 

Rebecca(To James with anger.) GO! GO AWAY! LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE! (Pause. Then in a whisper.) All of the horrors …

(JAMES with a smiles reaches into his tattered clothes. He then takes the golden heart locket and reaches out to her.)

James.        Rebecca, I am happy to see you alive! Please, come with me … All I want to do is to take you home; all of this time that is all I really wanted. Everything is over now, all of the chaos. Just come away with me and we can leave this behind, please.

Rebecca     (Shakes with fury.) This is your fault! You are the one who has doomed my crew-my- my beloved family- my precious ones! Those who cared about me, those who truly knew me! Then Mumbles, my first mate, and the one who was like my brother! (Screaming). All because of your own greed for a treasure you could not have, the greed of wanting me for a wife! I left my father’s side, because of you!  You could not understand me; you did not want too! You were just to caught up within yourself … Now … what am I left with? I am only filled with sorrow so deep like the sea and endless like the heavens.  Not only am I swallowed by all these thoughts of these losses and the loneliness with it …But also I must be surrounded by regret because of the victims of these events and the tragedy that is its company. (Fearful.) Then there are the unspeakable things I saw in the water, when he threw me over …  (Whispers.) James, go and leave me here with what I have left. Go away! Your flower is wilting …

 James.       (Angry.) How could you be so naïve of how about I feel?! (Takes up his sword in rage to Rebecca’s neck and glares at her.) Everything, everything I have ever done was for you, Rebecca!

(ROGER pushes JAMES away from REBECCA.)

Roger  (To James calmly.) Leave now.

 James  (Stomps his foot and shouts to Roger.) Why should I depart without Rebecca? Have I not proven I love her? I traveled across the world to find her. I give up my men, my ship, and my job to get her to come back. Is that enough to show I love her? I gave everything up to find Rebecca and take her home.

Roger        (Holds up his sword to James.) You have been blind to your own selfishness and scarified many for your lust. 

(JAMES throws the locket at REBECCA’S feet and turns away. REBECCA picks it up off the sand and sobs. JAMES slowly walks away, as REBECCA falls to her knees.  ROGER puts down his sword and places his hand right on REBECCA’S cheek. Roger kneels down beside he.)

Roger        (Whispers.) Everything will be fine. Things will change for the better soon, so please stop crying.

(REBECCA looks up to ROGER and hugs him. JAMES stops as he is leaving and turns back to witness the scene.)

James         (Whispers to himself.) How could she refuse me? I-I love her …

(JAMES takes his sword and runs towards ROGER.ROGER stands up quickly and blocks the attack with his sword, as he moves REBECCA out of the way. JAMES and ROGER start to fight.)

Rebecca     (Stands up and Cries out.) Stop it! Stop it! Today has seen too much bloodshed! Enough of this!

(REBECCA continues to shout for ROGER and JAMES to stop. REBECCA then runs in between the fighting. JAMES by mistake strikes REBECCA in the heart. REBECCA falls onto the ground with a faint scream and she drops the locket from her hand. JAMES drops his blood stained sword and steps back. JAMES stares in terror at the sight.

Meanwhile ROGER rushes to REBECCA’S side. ROGER picks up her body quickly from the ground. )

James.        What have I done?

Roger        (In panic.) Rebecca, Rebecca, don’t worry we will find some help! Just hang on-

Rebecca     (Smiles quietly.) I have been destined to passing away now. I see …

Roger        (Shouts.) Rebecca, Rebecca, e-everything will be fine. I know you’ll live to see another day!

Rebecca     (Laughs slowly at Roger.) This was bound to come to be sooner or later that I would expire. Seeing that the story of pirates is now over. It is only right … Life is so short in the end and so fragile and death is apart of life. They flow together hand in hand … It is not so bad, Roger; I was awaiting this in a way. Everyone, regardless of who they are, can always expect one thing, and that is death. (With weak breaths.) There is one thing I did not have time to say to you, because I have only learned of it right now … I love …

(REBECCA continues to smiles as she slowly closes her eyes. ROGER holds REBECCA’S body closer in his arms. ROGER’S face now very grieved.)

Roger.             Did she mean that she loved me? (Starts to shake with tears and kisses Rebecca’s head.) Rebecca … I-I love you too. (Long silence.  Then addresses James.)  She is dead.

            James.  What should I do? (Looks at Roger and then Rebecca’s body.) It is my fault entirely. It is my entirely fault, my fault …(Backs away.) I need to right this error … I must end my life …

(EXIT JAMES. ROGER bows his head and cries. ROGER lays down REBECCA’S body. He grabs at the key around his neck, and scans the area of dead bodies. He stands up quickly and flings the key at the treasure chest.)

 Roger (Angered.) Curse it be that key and that treasure! It has promised so much goodness, but all it gives is ill fate!

 (ROGER falls back down beside REBECCA’S body. ROGER gathers REBECCA’S body back into his arms.)

Roger  (Grimly Sobbing.) There is nothing left.

(Dim out of scene.)

Act Five


      (Open to the Harbor scene at twilight. The MUSICIAN PIRATE sits on the barrel in the middle of the stage. He claps his hands together with a smile.)

      Musician Pirate           (Points to the audience.) Tis’ be is how th’ tale goes of Sakura Gun Chronicles-

(Enter JAPANESE PERFORMER from the side left stage. The JAPANESE PERFORMER with an upset face stomps her foot down.)

  Japanese Performer.        (Points to the Musician Pirate.) He is a lair! (Shouts out.) That is incorrect! None of that took place in the story at all!

Musician Pirate.    Avast lass, I be no lair! I be tellin’ the truth!

Japanese Performer           (Slaps the Musician Pirate on the cheek.) Oh you are lying! You low life! The tale goes nothing like that!

Musician Pirate     (Holds his cheek.) What in the sevens seas be with ye, lass? I never played dirty with ye, but if ye wish it so! (Stands up off the barrel and gets ready to fight.)

      (The JAPANESE PERFORMER steps back from the MUSICIAN PIRATE and gets ready to fight. But she points to the right of the stage in stock. The MUSICIAN PIRATE turns to the right and falls back.

 Enter ROGER, REBECCA, and MUMBLES stage right. ROGER wears the treasure key around his neck, and a bright smile. He wears fine garments of white, his sword neatly at his side, and his left hand is a wedding ring on it. ROGER’S right hand holds REBECCA’S hand gently.

 REBECCA dressed finely in a red dress with a large black hat with a feather. REBECCA’S left hand down at her side with a wedding ring holding a white fan. She smirks joyfully and kisses ROGER on the cheek.

MUMBLES behind ROGER and REBECCA with a grin. MUMBLES dressed in a long black jacket and his hair pulled back neatly.

ROGER steps forward towards the JAPANESE PERFORMER and the MUSICIAN PIRATE.)

Roger  (Laughs.) That was a great story, if you don’t mind us saying. But we tend to recall it differently …

(Dim out.)




Act Three


            (Open to the harbor scene at twilight. The sky now is dark shades of blue and the low sounds of voices can be heard. MUSICIAN PIRATE now plays a melancholy tone on his guitar as he sits on his barrel in the middle of the stage. His eyes locked on the guitar, while he stops slowly and places the guitar to his left side. Then he turns towards the audience with a mild smirk.)

            Musician Pirate           (laughs).  Ahoy thar me buckos! It be now time t’ get this tale movin’. Meanin’  it be time t’ get t’ th’ real story, buckos, o’ adventure, love, and action.

             So now ladies and gentlemen, we be now have our characters goin’ t’ th’ port town o’ Nodin. This city be described as wild and cold. This be because th’ laws o’ this be not up held and many pirates come thar. In other words, buckos, this town be a pirate’s paradise t’ hide away from th’ navy. Thus, this town be ideal for Rebecca and her crew t’ celebrate thar good fortune.

So thar be Rebecca, good ol’ Mumbles, and Roger sittin’ at th’ bar o’ an inn, as th’ crew be enjoyin’ themselves. But meanwhile unknown t’ Rebecca and her crew, James has met with Captain Davidy. Davidy, th’ devil himself, who has been on Rebecca’s tail for a long time, for he wants t’ map and key, which belong t’ th’ ancient treasure. He and James have cut a deal that if Rebecca be not harmed once they find her; then Davidy can take th’ treasure map and key, as a reward for helpin’ out James. Thus, Davidy and James have joined together t’ search for Rebecca.

(Chuckle wickedly). Now things ought t’ become more interestin’.

(Dim out of scene as MUSICIAN PRIATE continues to laugh wickedly.)

Act Three

Scene One.

(Open to an inn in the port city of  Nodin. The inn has four tables in it, with two to each side. The inn is a hearty place full of THE PIRATE CREW, drinking, singing, and gambling off to the sides of the scene at the tables. There are bottles of rum spread all across the tables.

All of this merriment surrounds the heroes: ROGER, REBECCA, and MUMBLES. ROGER, REBECCA, and MUMBLES are placed in the middle of the scene. Behind the three is a counter.  ROGER sits on a stool without drink and facing to his left away from the event. He holds a sad misplaced look about him. REBECCA grasps a large mug of ale, with her body towards the celebrations as she smiles. While MUMBLES has his head against the counter passed out, with five empty cups before him, maps, and a compass.

 Suddenly REBECCA stands up in a very lady like way toward ROGER and taps his head. ROGER turns miserably away from REBECCA and faces the bar.)

Rebecca           (Smiles).          Ahoy Roger, don’t have such a long face! This is a time of celebration. Now my friend, I have a serious question about-

(ENTER JAMES stage left. JAMES dressed in a formal black navy outfit. JAMES holds an easy expression as he scans the inn looking for REBECCA. He then sees REBECCA and goes towards her quickly.

Next ENTER DAVIDY stage left. DAVIDY is a very tall man. He has an evil glare as he looks about the inn. His hair is wild and covered by a large gray hat.  DAVIDY wears a deep green long coat with white pants. He carries a large sword in his right hand. DAVIDY follows behind JAMES with a slow creeping walk.

REBECCA draws back from JAMES as he comes closer to her with a face of distrust.)

James.              (Taking Rebecca’s hand, but Rebecca pulls her hand free). Rebecca, please you should not be here! A lady of your class should not be a pirate. Come quickly away from here with me, I beg of you. Your father and I have been worried sick about you. If we leave now, everything will be fine. I promise no one will harm you. I myself make sure all charges of arrest are dropped against you. If you escape with me now from this life, it will be like it never happened. You’ll be able to live a happy normal live with me-

(DAVIDY draws out his sword and points at REBECCA.  Then DAVIDY pushes JAMES out of the way with his left hand. JAMES jumps at DAVIDY’S actions and is horrified as he is pushed to the side.

Meanwhile REBECCA holds a cool face and stands proud before DAVIDY.)

Davidy                        (Shouts to Rebecca). Ahoy thar lass, hand over th’ treasure map and key, now.

(ROGER turns towards the other quickly and MUMBLES awakens. MUMBLES and ROGER both jump to their feet. Meanwhile REBECCA moves towards DAVIDY and quickly draws out her sword. REBECCA with a very serious stare locks onto DAVIDY.)

Rebecca           (To Mumbles and Roger). You two men stand back and don’t interfere. I will handle this!

 (Suddenly the room of celebrating THE PIRATE CREW stops dead to watch the conflict unfolding before them.)

Rebecca           (Quietly stands). If you want the map and key; you can have it over my dead body!

 (REBECCA swings her sword left at DAVIDY, who will dodge by ducking down.  The two continue to duel across the room with increasing swings.

Fearfully JAMES takes his sword and comes between REBECCA and DAVIDY trying to stop the duel, while shouting, “Stop! Stop! There is no need for this!” REBECCA forcefully pushes JAMES out of the way.)

Rebecca           (Yell to Mumbles).  Keep the good ol’ cap’n out of my way, mate!

 (MUMBLES runs and grabs JAMES with a tight hold. JAMES struggles wildly to get free of MUMBLES.

REBECCA starts to gain the upper hand in the battle, as she strikes DAVIDY on the left shoulder. But REBECCA suddenly runs into a table while dueling; and she slips down on the floor. DAVIDY with a twisted smile holds his sword to REBECCA’S throat.)

Davidy.           Lass, where be th’ map and th’ key. Last chance to sin’ for me, little sea bird, for I shall be cuttin’ ye lovely head off, if ye do not.

(ROGER, who had been standing back with hidden worries, springs into action by running quickly from MUMBLES towards DAIVDY. He then presses his sword against DAVIDY’S back. DAVIDY drops his sword on the floor and places his hands up.)

Davidy.           (With fury.) So be it ye dogs! I shall make ye pay, little sea bird, a-and ye too dog shall suffer dearly for this!

(ROGER forces DAVIDY towards stage left of the scene. MUMBLES flings JAMES towards DAVIDY.)

 Davidy.          I shall make ye all pay!

(EXIT DAVIDY with an evil stare to REBECCA and ROGER. JAMES slowly and sorrowfully walks towards left stage, as he watches ROGER.EXIT JAMES in silence.

The PIRATE CREW in the background returns to their activities. REBECCA rises shakily with ROGER’S aid, and REBECCA seems to be fragile. MUMBLES with a distressed tone speaks out in his odd language to REBECCA.)

Rebecca           (To Mumbles in a nervous voice). I will be fine. Just give me some time; afterall I got the wind knocked out of me. (Standing firm and more reassured). Mumbles, to go and join the crew in the celebration! But make sure to tell some men we’re leaving within the hour!

(Exit MUMBLES with a nod.)

Rebecca.          (Grabs Roger’s sword handle with a smile. Then in an annoyed tone.) You, me, outside now!

Roger  (aside). The captain is acting strange. Why is she upset? Did I not save her life? 

(REBECCA grabs ROGER’S arm and pulls him of the inn stage left. Dim out of scene.)

Act Three

Scene Two.

(REBECCA and ROGER have left the inn and are now about a mile’s distance from the area. Night has fallen on the city, open to a red bridge. There is a warning side on the railing of the bridge reading, “Danger! May fall under pressure.” The sound of running water from under the bridge can be heard, as mist covers over the running water. Off to the side of the bridge to the left are steps leading away from the mist covered water.

ENTER REBECCA and ROGER onto the bridge from stage right. REBECCA’S face shows discontent and annoyance. Her footsteps are heavy and troubled. She holds tightly onto ROGER’S arm with her right hand. ROGER trailing behind her sighs with confusion and his sword placed back on his belt. They stop in the middle of the bridge and REBECCA flings ROGER’S arm away from her.)

Rebecca     (shouting loudly). How dare you, Roger, disobey my orders? You did as you pleased and had no regard for my orders. Do you want me to look helpless in front of my crew? I want to know why you acted in the manner you did now!

(ROGER coolly leaning on the rail with a sad expression. He drops his head downward to stare at the water under the bridge.)

Roger        (gently and earnestly). Captain, I meant no harm in serving you. But I only have done as I felt right.

(REBECCA sighs deeply and she too leans on the rail with her back to the audience. She then turns around and grabs on to the rail with her fury.)

Rebecca     (Staring at Roger).  I do not require a keeper to watch over me, Roger. I am strong woman, who can defend herself!

(ROGER looks up from the water and turns towards REBECCA. His expression saddens.)

Roger        (Bows to Rebecca.) I am sorry, Captain. (Places his left hand on her hands).  I was only trying to help …

(Unexpectedly the railing gives way with the weight of REBECCA and ROGER. They fall into the misty covered water below and become wet. REBECCA resurfaces out of the mist, she starts to laugh and smile. ROGER comes back up and blinks at her reaction.)

Roger.       Captain Rebecca, what is the manner?

 Rebecca    (Punches Roger’s arm.) This world is too much for me, Roger. It has too many ironies of who I meet again … I think perhaps it may drive me mad … (Pausing). Roger, I admit your actions back there were for the best. Come on let’s get out of this water.

(REBECCA and ROGER go to the steps that lead away from the water and stand together wet. REBECCA’S light mood vanishes quickly and she places her hand on her face. REBECCA starts to sob.)

 Roger.      What is wrong my captain, my friend?

            (REBECCA hangs her head and places her hands over her heart. She shakes violently and falls to her knees.

Rebecca     (With heavy tears.) I-I cannot do this anymore!  I cannot go on with that –w-wicked man and James hunting me. I do not have the strength to keep living this way. Day in and day out! Tell me how can I bear it, anymore?

Roger        (Kneels down beside her and with hesitation says her name.) R-Rebecca, you should not give in to such thoughts! You are my leader and my captain, and your men’s captain and leader; which means you have to lead me and your crew. You mustn’t forget who you are! You are Rebecca the Mighty.

Rebecca     (Yelling out.) How am I to do that? I cannot lead anyone, because I cannot defend myself! I am too weak … I am not even Rebecca the Mighty. I am just a nobleman’s daughter! Who is too far from home, and let her foolish dreams blind her, and her name is Rebecca R-Rhodanthe.  I came to realize this when that sword was placed at my throat, because death was staring right at me … A very cold and evil death.

 Roger, I have faced death many times and this one was different! All of my other encounters with death were adventurous, playful, and exciting because they all dealt with chance and risk. But that sword was dark and terrifies me to even think of it. For it makes me realize that I am only pretending to be something I am not-   

(ROGER places his arms around ROGER in an embrace. He holds her closely.)

Roger        (Calmly in a whisper.) Rebecca, stop allowing this fear to eat at your soul. You are not pretending to be yourself. You are still you, and not anyone else. You are still very strong, and you are still the captain of the ship.  Just calm down, Rebecca. Too many things have shaken you at once and everything is going to be fine. I will be there to protect and serve you with all my heart, because you are my dear friend.

(REBECCA slowly stops crying and look up to ROGER.ROGER helps REBECCA to stand up slowly. ROGER’S eyes are soft as REBECCA places her hand on his cheek.)

Rebecca           (Whisper.) Thank you …Roger.

(REBECCA places her head on ROGER’S chest and ROGER holds her closer. Dim out of scene.)

Act Three

Scene Three.

(The scene opens to the hidden island called ‘Okakopa. The ship has departed from the port and has landed where the treasure is buried. The current area has the ruins of an ancient temple.  There is a crumbling stonewall, a large mound of sand, and topical plants about the area.

The PIRATE CREW can be heard becoming restless from hours of searching for the treasure.  The PIRATE CREW’S mumbling about different complaints grows louder with their footsteps.

ENTER REBECCA and MUMBLES stage left with the compass and map, then the PIRATE CREW with shovels, and ROGER lastly.)

Pirate crew            (To Rebecca.) Captain, captain, it be bloody hot out here like hell! We ain’t done a thing out here, but go in circles. We be tired and there be nothin’ t’ be found in this forsaken place!

Rebecca.    Why are you men complaining?  I have always delivered what I promise to you, dogs. Now I don’t need you to be like this. I know you are tired, and so am I! But I still have hope that we will find the treasure. 

Pirate crew.           Well, cap’n deliver to us!

 (REBECCA backs away from her crew slowly with fear. Her expression shows all of her self-doubts. She gathers her hands by her heart and stumbles back further. Meanwhile ROGER runs up from the back and stands in front of REBECCA.) 

 Roger.      Why do you do this? Rebecca has been your leader for a long time. So you should not care about this minor set back. She has served you well and has done everything for you. Can you not hold more faith in her?

Pirate Crew           (To Roger.) What do ye know about anythin’, dog?

 (MUMBLES gets his gun, point it upwards, and shoot off gunshot within the group. The PIRATE CREW parts in the middle to find MUMBLES with his gun in hand.  MUMBLES then shouts angrily at crew in his mutter speech from the large mound of sand. Everyone stands at a loss but REBECCA, who starts to smile again.)

Rebecca.    Dear Mumbles has just said, “We should not fight among themselves, because we and Rebecca are family. Remember, what our former captain said to us before he left? He told us that left his daughter, Rebecca, in our hands and we are family. He also told us that we must protect Rebecca and follow her. Furthermore, our captain has always been helpful.” (Pauses.) Mumbles has also said that you should not treat me bad now because …

(REBECCA turns in awe to MUMBLES as he stomps his foot on the ground for all to hear a hollow sound. REBECCA points under MUMBLES’S foot.)

Rebecca     (shouts.) Mumbles has found the treasure chest!

(MUMBLES jump down from the mound and takes a shovel and pushes it off to show a golden treasure chest.  The PIRATE CREW shouts in joy and rushes towards MUMBLES, while saying sorry to REBECCA.REBECCA walks forward quickly with the others, but stops and waits for ROGER. Slowly, ROGER takes out the key from his shirt and hands it over to REBECCA with some despair on his face.)

 Roger       (Aside.) What evil walks now that I have taken this path? I hear the darkness rattling it’s chains to bind all those who touch this treasure to a vile fate. But this darkness does not creep, or crawl, or hide. It is running after everyone of us, right now.

Yet I must not let on that I know what wickedness comes after us, because I have done as I have promised. I must keep a cheerful outlook for Rebecca. May we be protected from this impending malevolence.

(Meanwhile, REBECCA takes the key to the chest and opens it. Inside of the chest sparkles to many golden coins and rare jewels. The PIRATE CREW and MUMBLES grab the gold with quick fingers and cries of joy. REBECCA smiles at them.)

Rebecca.    Now, men, you have the treasure of all of your wildest dreams! Let us quickly get it to the ship, where it will be safer.

(The PIRATE CREW and MUMBLES EXIT out of the area with the treasure in hand stage left.  ROGER lingers for a moment staring at REBECCA with worried eyes. Then EXIT ROGER stage left with a slow walk.)

            Rebecca           (To herself.) Just as I contemplated, my luck has changed for the better for my crew and I. Also thanks to Roger and Mumbles, I had courage to face her crew. Everything is looking up, now!


Act Four

Scene One.

(Open to a dim stage with the sounds of a dying fight heard for a short period of time off stage. Enter MUISICAN PIRATE with spotlight on him. He smiles and bows to the audience.)

 Musician Pirate.   New details have come t’ be as ye were gone. A brilliant plan by Davidy, th’ devil, and James to over take th’ ship once Rebecca’s crew returned. James’s men were to attack at full force with a smoke screen and clear out the pirate crew.  Thus only savin’ Rebecca and th’ treasure. Yet this plan t’ take Rebecca’s ship at full force cost a great number o’ lives, because it killed off Rebecca’s pirate crew, James’s, and sunk James’s navy ship.  So high was the body count, the dead were clear by rollin’ down off the ship.

 While th’ battle bin at full swin,’ James captured Rebecca and knocked her out. He returned t’ fight off Rebecca’s crew from releasin’ her. James went against Mumbles and James knocked him out, but did not kill him, James bin moved by his bravery t’ save Rebecca. Shortly Roger arrived t’ that part o’ th’ ship t’ save Rebecca and defend th’ treasure. But he was cut off by Davidy and forced into a great deal o’ duelin’. James too joined th’ group o’ duelin’ men in t’ hopes o’ gettin’ Roger to’ slow down. Now in the tale Roger be fightin’ tiredly against Davidy and James. Err …oh th’ settin’ in play be midday on Rebecca’s ship. With that now, me buckos, let us get back to the tale.

(EXIT MUSICIAN PIRATE stage right. Turn on lights to REBECCA’S ship deck at night. The deck has markings of blood across by the floor and a large crate covered over near the treasure chest. The treasure chest is locked and placed off to the right of the deck. The railing of the ship can be seen. REBECCA is tied and gagged in the middle of the deck. MUMBLES lays bound and knocked out a distance from REBECCA to the left.

ENTER ROGER stage left. ROGER weakly holds his sword at his side and falls back. His garments raggedy and torn from the fight. 

ENTER DAVIDY with his weapon up pointed towards ROGER’S heart. DAVIDY smiles wickedly.  ROGER shakes with heavy breaths as he stares at DAVIDY. DAVIDY holds his place away from ROGER.

Finally ENTER JAMES with a look of mixed feelings as he places his sword back in it cover. JAMES kneels down next to REBECCA and touches her face gently. REBECCA awakens. )

James   (Smiles.) I apologize for treating you like a prisoner, Rebecca. I did not mean for it to all fall this way-

(Suddenly the stand off between ROGER and DAVIDY is broken. DAVIDY harshly pushes back ROGER into the treasure chest. ROGER hits the treasure chest and drops his sword and is trapped by DAVIDY standing in front of him. DAVIDY places his sword by ROGER’S heart.)

Davidy                        (Excitedly.) Now landlubber I cannot wait to see ye at the bottom of the sea!         

(JAMES turns to see ROGER trapped.)

James   (Shouts.) Stop your actions now, Captain Davidy, stop right there! Our hands have had enough blood on them today. Not even all the water of the world could clean us of this blood. 

(DAVIDY snorts loudly at JAMES. Quickly DAVIDY cuts ROGER in the ribs with his sword, and spits at ROGER’S face. ROGER yells out in pain and falls against the treasure chest. ROGER twists in pain and holds his hand against the wound.  DAVIDY laughs happily.)

   James            (Outraged.) What do you think you are doing?

            (DAIVDY holds his sword to JAMES.)

Davidy.           Who do ye think ye be? Are ye in charge of this here situation? No ye be not! Therefore shut ye mouth!

(JAMES tightens his mouth and closes his eyes. He turns back to REBECCA. Now REBECCA struggles against the ropes, which bond her. REBECCA’S eyes reflect horror and fury. DAVIDY spies REBECCA fighting to get free. DAVIDY pushes JAMES aside, and kneels down to Rebecca and pulls her head upward by the hair. )

 Davidy.          I know well I cannot open thar box without the key, or else I will harm the riches it holds. So, where be the key, wench?

James               (To Davidy with hesitation.) Captain Davidy, if you would please leave Rebecca out of this.

(DAVIDY stares at JAMES wickedly. JAMES pulls back from DAVIDY and REBECCA, and bites his lip. DAVIDY sets REBECCA free of her gag. REBECCA looks over at ROGER lying injured, MUMBLES tied up, and the bloody deck.)

Rebecca.          You have killed my crew and injured my closest mates! Now you are dealing with the only person who knows the location of the key. But I would rather die keeping it a secret.

(DAIVDY angrily takes REBECCA by her shirt and sets her over the railing of the ship. ROGER struggles to get up from where he is, but is unable. ROGER falls back against the treasure chest in pain and groans. He continues to try and get up.

Meanwhile JAMES jumps in fear at where REBECCA is placed. He motions to go forward.)

 Davidy           (To James.) Come closer, before I be done with yer song bird, and our deal be null and void. (Shouts to Rebecca.) This be ye last to speak or ye shall be sleeping with the fishes!

Rebecca.          I would rather die.

James               (To Rebecca.) No!

(REBECCA gives a smirk, as DAVIDY indifferently drops her over the railing to her doom. JAMES runs over towards the railing and sees the end to REBECCA. The sound a large splash can be heard. JAMES yells out in horror and starts to cry.)

James.              W-why did you do that? Did I not do as I promised?  We had a deal! Oh dear God, how can I continue with Rebecca dead?  Oh my love! My life! The sorrow within me stabs at me!

Davidy                        (Holds up his sword and calls back to James.) Shut ye mouth and move on or be ready to join the wench in the sea. (Mockingly.)  Or ye could dive in and save her!

James.              I cannot swim! You devil, I would end up killing both of us!

Davidy.           Well savvy, ye be a hero. Eh? (Laughs.)

(JAMES holds up his sword and attacks DAVIDY with fury. DAVIDY and JAMES battle off the stage. ROGER in alarm overcomes his pain and stands up quickly. He dashes unbalanced towards the railing. His breathes heavy from pain.)

Roger.             (Weakly.) Captain Rebecca … Rebecca? (Shouting.) Rebecca! Rebecca!

            (ROGER quickly steps up onto the railing to jump in after REBECCA. Suddenly MUMBLES frees himself from his bounds with a dagger. MUMBLES then runs up to ROGER pulls on ROGER’S arm. MUMBLES shakes his head side to side violently.)           

Roger.                         They have thrown Rebecca into the sea! I need to go in after her! I need to save Rebecca.

(MUMBLES looks down over at the railing and sighs heavily. He bows his head. His face grows thick with sadness and points down over the railing. Then he looks at ROGER and shakes his head in disagreement. He once more pulls on ROGER.)

 Roger             (Shouts to Mumbles.) She can still be alive! Let me go! I-I can still save her!

(ROGER looks over the railing again. He looks like he is about to cry, but holds back his tears. ROGER steps down from the railing and hangs his head. MUMBLES lets go of ROGER’S arm.)

Roger  (Grimly). It is really too late? Would she be …

(MUMBLES nods yes to ROGER sorrowfully. MUMBLES looks down at the blood on the deck and stares at it, confused. MUMBLES searches about the deck. Then nudges ROGER’S arm and point at the blood on the deck.)

Roger.             (Looks down with miserable eyes.) The blood … it is from the crew … James and the other man, Davidy, killed them all … just like Rebecca …

 (MUMBLES stares at the ground with disgust and anger. MUMBLES stomps his foot hard. His eyes drift towards the treasure chest. He nudges ROGER again and points towards the treasure chest.  ROGER grabs at the key around his neck, picks up his sword off the deck, and stares at the treasure chest.)

Roger.             So take that cursed treasure with us, as it is our last duty to Rebecca to not allow those two villains away from it.

(MUMBLES slowly nods his head in agreement.)

Roger.             Then we take that horrible thing with us …

(ROGER puts his sword back into his belt; when MUMBLES suddenly smiles and points to a crate covered. He runs over and pulls off the cover to show a sign that read “explosives.”)

 Roger.                        Do you mean to destroy the ship; once we leave we take the treasure away to the island and rid ourselves of it?

(MUMBLES nods slowly to ROGER’S statement.)

 Roger (Quietly.) Revenge? (He stares at the blood, the railing, the treasure chest, and his side.)  Revenge … perhaps the explosion will destroy James and Davidy, and purify the earth of any record of this terrible event.

(MUMBLES gets the bombs in one hand and helps ROGER with the chest. ROGER and MUMBLES exit off stage together with the treasure chest. Dim out of scene.)


Act Two


(Open to the harbor around late noon. JAPANESE PERFORMER is sitting on the barrel. She is fixing her hair carefully with her hands. Then she notices the audience again and smiles. She goes into her green bag and pulls out a fan and begins to fan herself. Meanwhile MUSICIAN PIRATE lies on the floor in the background. The sound of him snorting loudly can be heard.

Japanese Performer.Kurogane “Roger” Ming is perplexed about his association with this strange woman named Rebecca. Could it be just detestation? Could he honestly adore someone like her? Would he permit himself to do something so taboo? If he did, what does this relationship hold in the future?

            (MUSICIAN PIRATE awakes from his sleep and starts laugh. He gets up from the floor slowly and stands beside  JAPANESE PERFORMER. JAPANESE PERFORMER stares in silence at the sight of MUSICIAN PIRATE. She then shifts her body away from him on the barrel and turns her head towards the audience. She holds up her fan away from MUSICIAN PIRATE, but he suddenly grabs her fan from her and plays it by roughly flipping it in his hands. JAPANESE PERFORMER forces a fake grin as she quickly hops off the barrel and stands next to MUSICIAN PIRATE. She angrily stomps her foot on MUSICIAN PIRATE. He yells out in pain, drops the fan, and grabs his foot. Meanwhile JAPANESE PERFORMER hastily picks up her fan from the floor. Next she calmly returns herself back onto the barrel.)

            Japanese Performer.    The Navy of England does its greatest to appear inadequate. As shown by their very successful captain, James Terral. Yes, Captain James, who drinks for ten men while on working hours, and who holds himself so gracefully. That captain who does not even remember his duties, because he is too drunk. The English navy must be proud of such an excellent and courageous man.

            Musician Pirate           (Laughs).        Aye lass, that man be doin’ a fine job.

(JAPANESE PERFORMER stands still, while trying to hide her laugher behind her hand. MUSICIAN PIRATE smiles at her and try to touch her shoulder. JAPANESE PERFORMER fakes a smile and quickly hit MUSICIAN PIRATE across the face with her fan.  MUSICIAN PIRATE holds his face in pain for a few seconds and smirks at JAPANESE PERFORMER.

Abruptly, JAPANESE PERFORMER looks at the sky and her expression holds horror. She blinks quickly and drops her fan and runs off shouting,  “I am late, I am late!” EXIT JAPANESE PERFORMER stage left.

MUSICIAN PIRATE smiles at JAPANESE PERFORMER as she runs out. Then he reaches into his pants pocket and brings out a bottle of ale. He takes a drink of ale.)

Musician Pirate     (To audience). Th’ lass could not tell a tale for her life. Well now me buckos, I guess I be tellin’ the tale from har out then. Let me see, a settin’…How about Captain James’ cabin? Aye, we be joinin’ James and see what he be doin’. Then we be headed to Rebecca’s ship and seein’ what she be doin’. Hmm …hmm … Hoy! Do not let me forget to introduce Captain Davidy, a greedy dog with a black heart. A man that th’ devil himself be disgusted by and hell splat him back out. Er-er …         

Oh right, th’ poor devil Captain James! He hmmm … had been cared for after bein’ found passed out in th’ alley by his men. Then he was taken back t’ his ship t’ recover. Also, his ship departed t’ take chase after Rebecca. Well then the tale goes on like this …

            (MUSICIAN PIRATE smiles and takes another drink of his ale. Meanwhile the lights of the stage fade out.)

Act Two

Scene One.

(OPEN to JAMES’S Cabin. The cabin’s lighting is dim and eerie. The cabin a place of many books and papers thrown about on the floor. There is a large window in the middle of the cabin. It remains close and covered with curtains. To the left of the cabin is a small portrait of REBECCA in a red dress and her hair in a bun. To the right of the cabin is a large oak desk, with tons of papers tossed about, with grand black leather chair. In the large sits JAMES, the once proud Navy captain. James is now dressed in a black navy outfit and is weaving red rim glasses.  The sound of the navy men and the sea can be heard in the cabin. JAMES holds his head and sighs. ENTER 1 NAVY MESSAGER with haste from stage left. 1 NAVY MESSAGER is dressed is a simple dark blue shirt and pants.  JAMES stands up.)

            James.              Status report.

            1 Navy Messager.       No sign of that pirate, Rebecca, nor her ship, sir.

(JAMES nods to 1 NAVY MESSAGER and sits in his chair. 1 NAVY MESSAGER EXIT stage left. JAMES sighs and then he takes out a golden heart locket. He holds it in his hands softly and looks depressed.)

James   (To himself as he stares at the locket). Why? Why? Why?

(Suddenly there is a sound of knocking from outside of cabin. ENTER RYU, a fisherman. Ryu is a man dressed in raggedy orange pants and has a heavy tan. )

 Ryu.   Ah good sir, I have some news on a missing samurai, named Kurogane Ming, who holds a key to a treasure of a rich emperor. So the family, who hired this Kurogane, has sent word across all of Japan for information about his whereabouts.

James   (To himself). What could this mean?

 Ryu.   Well dear captain, it is stated in some of the reports; while you were intoxicated, you had fought a samurai, who was now missing. Also it should be noted that perhaps Rebecca has kidnapped him.

James   (Nodding slowly and then stopped nodding).  If this is true …Rebecca having such a key and the treasure being real. Then Rebecca would look for them. But how would I know where to find her?

 Ryu.   I know someone who could help you find Rebecca and the treasure she seeks. (Points to himself). I will go get in touch with him.

(EXIT RYU quickly. JAMES sits still again with his hand folded before him. Then ENTER 2 NAVY MESSENGER in similar outfit to1 NAVY MESSENGER. 2 NAVY MESSENGER as a face of panic as he points to the left side of the stage.)

2 Navy Messenger.     Sir! A report has come in of a strange pirate ship coming at us starboard side!

 (JAMES stands up quickly to the news. Dim scene out.)

Act Two

Scene Two.

(It has been three days since ROGER has joined the crew.  The journey for REBECCA and the others has gone well and without flaw.  OPEN to REBECCA’S ship’s deck at dawn. REBECCA is holding maps in her hands as MUMBLES points to a compass. REBECCA holds a cheerful smirk as MUMBLES shakes his head.)

Rebecca.          Hoy Mumbles, my good old friend. Is it not great that we shall have one of the finest treasures on Earth? Just think of what goods are awaiting us and with things going as smoothly as they are.

(MUMBLES nods yes to REBECCA.)

Rebecca     (Uneasy). But, can I confess something to you, Mumbles? I have been feeling a bad omen ringing in my dreams that our adventure will not end well …

(Cheerfully to Mumbles). Oh what am I saying? We are so close to our goal, and nothing can go wrong!

            (MUMBLES looks up from the compass and studies REBECCA’S face. His smile shows worry as he tries to smile. Next MUMBLES goes on to study the map. 

ENTER ROGER working hard at sweeping the deck. MUMBLES steps back points at ROGER sweeping and with a look of dissatisfaction. He then tugs at REBECCA’S arm.)

             Rebecca          (With glee). Come now Mumbles, there is no reason to complain. Afterall, isn’t Roger doing us free service?

            (MUMBLES shake his head in disapproval. He grabs up his map and compass and leaves the deck stage right.)

             Rebecca.         (Aside). Mumbles is being outrageous. By now, I would have expected him to get along with Roger.

            (ROGER goes up to REBECCA slowly, after he stops sweeping.)

            Roger  (Aside.) I must learn who Rebecca is really, maybe I can learn of her weak point. Or discover away off this terrible ship!  (With hesitation).  Captain, I would like to know … Why are you a pirate?

                        Rebecca.          (Looks at Roger and sighs softly). There was a time not so long ago, that there was a daughter of a well to do gentleman in Great Britain. This girl was the gentleman’s only child and he loved her very dearly and treasured her beyond anything; since the gentleman’s wife passed away when the girl was five and she was his only family left.  So the gentleman was overjoyed to allow his precious daughter to train in very great activities such as dueling and being well educated in books about the stars, poetry, the sea, pirates, trading routes, and the world. For the gentleman wanted his treasured one to be a lady like all good fathers wanted. Even if the gentleman permitted her the many rights of learning and dreaming to her heart’s content; there was a downfall to the good gentleman’s plan to raising his daughter. He protected her from the outside world. He would only allow her to play her greatest dreams in the boundaries of his grand home and would keep her near him at all times.  Thus in turn the daughter grew a great hunger to see the world. But wanting to stay near with her loving father and follow his wishes, she was kept content with her father by reading books and novels.

             That is until one day her father planned to marry her to a trusted Navy captain named James Terral. This was at first a joyful event for the gentleman and James.  Seeing that the gentleman would get a son and James would get a bride. But alas they forgot the daughter’s thoughts. The girl was not pleased by her father’s wish, because she had no love for the stranger.  So she tried to explain that she could not love the stranger, because her love was still far off past the seas, the stars, and in the world. He would be waiting for her always to come somewhere on a beach with eyes locked on the horizon for her, and she could leave him there waiting for forever. So she refused the gentleman’s wish, but this did not please him at all. The gentleman took her harshly by her hand shaking her and told her she must do as he says.  Quickly, in fear of the gentleman’s actions, the daughter submitted to his will at the time; but the girl had her own secret plans for escape so she could see the world and find her true love.

            Meanwhile by the gentleman’s will, the girl was to know her future husband. Thus the gentleman, the daughter, and James went to travel to South America for vacation; which would hopefully permit love to blossom between the girl and James. Now it should be noted that James was not a cold, or harsh, or selfish man. He really did want to win the heart of the girl. So to help his future bride open up to him, he gave her a gift to symbolize his love for her, before the trip was to take place.

            A day before the trip, the girl put forth her plan. She went onboard a small sailing ship with a crew headed to Africa to escape her future marriage. But before she fled, the girl left behind the gift, a golden locket, from James on her bed with a note. The girl made her plan work by a large sum of money she hid away from selling her belongings secretly in order to pay for her passage and also by disguising herself as a young boy to get away easier. Her plan went smoothly at first as the ship went down the coast. But one-day pirates attacked her ship. The girl quickly acted finding a sword and then fought to defend the ship, but the crew of the ship was defeated. The crew and other passengers were set a drift in the open sea.  Meanwhile, the girl, who was still very young and who fought bravely to defend her ship, was taken in by the pirates to join them. When James and the gentleman found out what the daughter had done and the fate of her ship, they had taken her for dead.

            Meanwhile, the girl went on disguised as a cabin boy, she served the pirates happily as she got to see the world at last. Until her pirate captain found out her secret when she was hurt in a raid. The girl had been a perfect pirate, loved by all the crew, and did as she was asked; thus her good captain declared that she would stay on as his cabin boy and daughter. So for a time this was good as the girl showed skill in sailing and strategies for piracy. Slowly by the crew’s and the captain’s wish she moved up to first mate. Then suddenly the pirate became ill and had to give up his ship. By this action he asked the crew to grant her the title of captain. So came to be the captain Rebecca the Mighty, who won many riches and battles with her name. So it is me, I speak of … if you did not realize.

            As you know, Roger, fortune is rather humorous, because one day in the vast ocean did I meet James again.  I was at a raid of a nobleman’s accommodation with my sword in hand.  I was marching down one of the halls searching for Mumbles, the man you might recall as the tailor in the shop. When out of the blue there was James with his wide eyes staring at me as if I were an apparition. The man had many questions and wanted answers as he tired to grab me. But I ran quickly from him, because I remembered he was my to be husband. (Holds her arm). It wasn’t that I was afraid to face him. (Laughs). But it has more to do with the fact that he was carrying a little arrest warrant with my name on it.

            Thus, Roger, I have been playing a game of cat and mouse with dear old James.

            (REBECCA looks at ROGER slowly with a hint of sorrow. ROGER stares at her stunned. )

            Rebecca.          Roger, do not think about escape once we reach land, because I will kill you.

            (ROGER turns to his right away slowly from her and then go back to his work when he suddenly he stops. A shout of a crewmember sounds out, “ The city has been spotted.” Dim out of scene.)


Act One

Scene Four.

(Open to the deck of the ship at twilight with no clouds. The ship is in fine condition as it has been well kept with barrels off to the left. Then there is a doorway for the captain’s room in the middle of the scene. Also the deck of the ship is filled with many different pirates of THE PIRATE CREW. They are men dressed roughly and have seen many battles. They hold expressions of excitement and joy. They are to the left side of the stage.  REBECCA stands before THE PIRATE CREW; next to the doorway on side, with a grin of pride with her arms folded and MUMBLES stands beside her with a relaxed face. MUMBLES is now dressed in a green vest with black pants, which has a gun neatly placed away. His once proper look is now gone as he holds a cheerful smirk. His black hair now tied back with a green bandana and his feet bare. His arms are folded with a map in the left hand and a compass in the right hand. )

Rebecca.  All right men, now I want you to know that we have a key, which belongs to the greatest treasure in all the history of piracy. The fact it is that I have the map to this treasure. This treasure has enough gold and jewels to set all of you, gentlemen of fortune, in a comfortable and rich lifestyle. So by week’s end, you all will behold a treasure so great that even the chest it is in is made of gold. With that men make ready to set course.

(THE PIRATE CREW cheers with delight. Then all of them leap to different chores of cleaning the deck and pulling the ropes of the sail. MUMBLES holds a happy grin as he opens the map and starts to look at the compass. MUMBLES starts humming softly to himself as REBECCA turns to him. REBECCA laughs quietly at MUMBLES.)

Rebecca. (To Mumbles as she hits his shoulder playfully).        Mumbles, this treasure will bring for us good fortune! I know it. (Shouts to crew). We shall have an adventure that will have many great and grand events for us! Eh, men?

(THE PIRATE CREW cheers in agreement to Rebecca’s statement, as they continue to work. Mumbles nods his head to REBECCA and then continues to study the map. Suddenly, the doorway to the captain’s cabin creeps open. ENTER ROGER slowly onto the deck. THE PIRATE CREW turns their heads quickly towards ROGER. THE PIRATE CREW starts to give expressions of anger and disturbed faces. ROGER stares at THE PIRATE CREW blankly and walks three feet further on the stage. MUMBLES looks from the map, he stops his happy mood, and drops his belongings as he points at ROGER in disbelief.

 Meanwhile REBECCA smirks at ROGER as he enters. She unfolds her arms and walks in front of ROGER to his right. THE PIRATE CREW surrounds REBECCA to her left.)

            The Pirate Crew          (To Rebecca). What be th’ meanin’ o’ tis cap’n? We be in no agreement t’ welcomin’ an outsider on th’ ship. Why did ye brin’ tis dog har?

Rebecca           (Stands proudly with shoulders back).            Shut your mouths, men! I will explain my logic. This dog (Points to Roger). is an excellent fighter and does things fast. I have seen him in action myself. And besides, we are in need of another hand, since Old Danny died in the last raid. So this is perfectly good for us, seeing that now we get some free service and that he gets no pay, as he just being a slave.

The Pirate Crew.         Truly, cap’n? (Laughs at Rebecca’s remarks and start to smile). Arrg, we know that th’ captain be usin’ ‘tis dog for her own personal pleasure. Seein’ how she can be lonely on the long nights…She most likely fell in love with th’ landlubber. Oh she be a gentle beauty after all. All right mates lets all bow down t’ beautiful and powerful Rebecca th’ Mighty in love.

(MUMBLES smiles at THE PIRATE CREW’S statements. He then stares off to the side to look at ROGER and stops his laugher. MUMBLES then picks up his map and compass as he steps back from the scene. REBECCA herself laughs with her crew.

Meanwhile ROGER stands still as he listens to the laugher. His eyes now shift away from THE PIRATE CREW toward the floor. His hold on his sword tightly with his right as the expression on his face continues to be blank.)

Rebecca           (To the pirate crew).    Men, I have other reasons that I fancied to bring this landlubber here.

The Pirate Crew.         What be they cap’n?

Rebecca.          Would you like us dead? If this man would have stayed behind, he could have lead the Navy to us.

The Pirate Crew.           Aye captain, that be sound, if the landlubber must stay. But th’ dog better get th’ lower jobs on th’ ship.

Rebecca.          Fine men, if you will be satisfied with that arrangement.

The Pirate Crew.         Aye captain, we accept that poor dog into th’ crew. But he seem t’ be rather weak lookin’ and not worth carryin’ onboard. (Laughing). Th’ calmest of breeze could most likely blow him away. Oh poor dog, he’ll suffer so much from th’ lack o’ his good ol’ life.

(Meanwhile ROGER continues to stare at the floor, but his expression as changed to annoyance. He bits his lip and then slowly lets go of his sword with his right hand. He then lowers his head to them.

Quickly REBECCA notices the discomfort of ROGER.)

Rebecca.          Shut up, you all are dogs! (She pulls out a gun from her side with her left hand. She holds it upwards and shoots it. Then points to Roger with outrage). That man maybe the lowest of the low in the crew, but this senseless game of disrespect will stop now that he is apart of the crew. Or you will answer to my gun and me! Now get back to work and out of my sight!

            (THE PIRATE CREW stops their actions as they hear the gunshot. They back away from ROGER and REBECCA and then with haste and exit stage left. Next MUMBLES stares at REBECCA for a second with shock. Quickly EXIT MUMBLES with THE PIRATE CREW.

Now only on deck are REBECCA and ROGER. REBECCA finds a broom left on deck by one of THE PIRATE CREW and she picks it up.)

Rebecca           (Throws the broom at Roger). Don’t just stare at me blankly! Get to work and sweep with deck.

            (ROGER takes the broom in hand. Then he slowly moves forward on the deck to sweep back and forth. His eyes still locked on the ground and his expression changing into a weak grin. Meanwhile REBECCA leans against the wall of the captain’s cabin, as she softly starts to hum and beam. She puts her gun away and sighs.)

Rebecca           (aside).           I am well aware that the crew is discontented about this situation. Also I know I have acted harshly. I may very well regret this action later; but they will understand why I did-If I could understand why I did it to begin with …

 So then why? What is the reason for me to help him? What is it about him?  Yes, I do need to keep him here away from the navy and we do need an extra hand onboard.   Furthermore, it is a good idea to keep him from being vexed at the crew.

Could it be his manner? Sure, he is very different from anyone I have ever met. In the way he acts, because he is very kind, noble, and trusting. So is that the reason why I did it? Due to the fact he is very kind, noble, and trusting. No, that is not the reason. I am sure of it.(Shakes her head back and forth).

 (Deep in thought).      Is it the fact he is handsome? Or the code he bases his choices on? Are these the reasons why I went against my crew? No I do not think I could care for a man of rules. Then why did I choose to do what I did?

 What made me so interested in helping him? If it is not for reasoning or manner or looks or mind? Then what? What makes him so very interesting? So very interesting to me …

(ROGER stops his sweeping and looks up at REBECCA. Thus REBECCA stares back at him; suddenly she starts to walk away by pushing away from the wall. She trips, but before she falls on the floor, ROGER runs and catches her. They stare into each other’s eyes for a long period of time.)

            Rebecca and Roger     (Together with enthusiasm). There is something is very different this person.   

            (Dim out of scene.)

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